Why Use Free of Heart Center Douglas Fir Timbers

Why Use Free of Heart Center Douglas Fir Timbers

Douglas Fir is a popular species of wood for timber frame construction and for good reason. Not only is it renowned for its remarkable dimensional stability and beauty but it is also the strongest softwood fiber, pound for pound, in the world. At Brazier Lumber, we specialize in providing Free of Heart Center (FOHC) Douglas Fir timbers, and we source only the finest stock available from the West Coast.

Many Species: One Choice

While there are other species of wood to choose from for timber frame construction, FOHC Douglas Fir is the preferred choice for those seeking the highest quality and most beautiful timber. While it may be more expensive than some alternatives, the benefits of using FOHC Douglas Fir make it a wise investment in the long run because the timbers you use are the main focal point of the project and the material you choose will remain for generations to come.

The biggest advantage of using our timbers is that we supply only 100% FOHC Douglas Fir. This means that it will not twist or split like other species that are cut “Boxed Heart”. Box Heart cut timbers in any species are more prone to checking and splitting because the radial grain is left in the timber.

Only the Best Timbers for Our Customers

At Brazier Lumber, we only provide Dense #1 & Better grade Douglas Fir, with our stock typically running 70-80% select structural. This ensures that our customers receive the highest quality timbers available for their construction project, whether it be a small cottage or a sprawling 25,000-square-foot residence.

Over the years, our quality timbers have been used in countless churches, temples, horse barns, and residences, and we take pride in knowing that our products will remain standing for generations to come. Our yard in Langdon, NH services builders and contractors throughout New England and many other parts of the country, with direct access to our West Coast reload.

Preferred Timber for Builders and Contractors

While there are other species of wood available for timber frame construction, the benefits and popularity of FOHC Douglas Fir make it the preferred choice for many builders and contractors. While the initial cost may be higher, the long-term benefits of using the best material outweigh the initial savings. Using the best Timbers makes it a wise investment. At Brazier Lumber, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality FOHC Douglas Fir timbers available on the market today.