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Meet Stephen Brazier

Stephen Brazier grew up in the lumber business. It all started when he walked through Oregon sawmills with his father when he was just five years old. He continued that journey working at his father’s Douglas Fir saw mill then opening Brazier Lumber in 1995.

Our Mission: Pursue Only the Best Timbers for Our Customers

Stephen has long-standing relationships with old-growth cutting mills and makes regular visits to look at logs and timbers that are continually being cut for ongoing orders. He’s made it his mission to pursue only the best timbers for his customers and is especially passionate about Free of Heart Douglas Fir Timbers.

That passion comes through in the many projects he’s supplied with beautiful Douglas Fir timbers.

Get in touch with Brazier Lumber today. With our large inventory of FOHC Douglas Timbers we’re ready to ship to your job site in 2-3 weeks.

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