Douglas Fir Timber

Don’t Use Inferior-Quality Timbers When Quality Counts!

How Important Is Quality With Douglas Fir Timber Framing?

You’ve probably heard the classic contractor’s quote regarding projects:

“Price, quality, speed—Pick two!

While we all strive to give our clients all three, there’s no denying that those three metrics directly impact each other and the overall equation.

But what about lumber quality? 

In this post, you’ll learn what to look for when you need the highest quality timbers and why quality matters. Here’s what you’ll take away:

  • The Key Attributes Of Douglas Fir For Builders And Designers
  • The Overwhelming Aesthetic Appeal Of Douglas Fir Timber
  • Why Quality Matters With Your Timbers
  • Tying It All Together

So let’s chuck some wood.

The Key Attributes Of Douglas Fir For Builders And Designers

It all starts with exceptional Douglas Fir trees from the west coast.

Log Pile

You don’t want just any timbers, you want the very best hand-selected, sustainable timbers for yoru project. And that’s what you’ll get. As our founder, Stephen Brazier, pointed out in a previous post:

We believe in smart, sensible conservation of our Coastal Douglas Fir timberlands. Sensible conservation means we’ll be able to provide architects and builders with exceptional free-of-heart-center (FOHC), air-dried Douglas Fir timber for years to come.

What are the two most critical attributes of your Douglas Fir timbers? They need to be free-of-heart-center and air-dried.

Last but not least, these beautiful timbers need to be custom-planed to order.

So why are we so picky about the meticulous process we go through to provide you with only top-shelf Coastal Douglas Fir timbers? That’s why:

residential timber

The Overwhelming Aesthetic Appeal Of Douglas Fir Timber

The drying process matters. Air drying takes longer than kiln drying. But it’s the only drying process that guarantees the preservation of the natural beauty and majesty inherent in Doug Fir timbers.

Our designer and builder customers are super-finicky when it comes to the materials they spec and build their projects with. At Brazier Lumber, our team is dedicated to giving them the best-of-the-best air-dried, custom-planned timbers in the Northeast. 

Why Quality Matters With Your Timbers

The FOHC spec means that your timbers are cut outside of the heart center of the log. This eliminates radial grain, which eliminates twisting and heavy checking in the timber. So they won’t crack, shrink, or bow like boxed-heart timbers. Air drying eliminates the heavy moisture content found in green timbers. And it begins the drying process minimizing additional shrinkage after the timbers are surfaced.

What else?

Here’s what our clients expect on every order:

  • The Intersection Of The Best Price, Quality, And Value Available In The Northeast 
  • Peace of Mind—The Right Timbers Mean No Do-Overs And Happy Customers—Every Time
  • Sustainability—Smart Conservation Means The Best Pound-For-Pound, Aesthetically Appealing, Renewable Building Resource on The Planet!

Putting it bluntly, in the words of the Lumber/Building Material Journal, “If your lumber producer continually supplies inferior product, it’s time to find a new vendor.”

Tying It All Together

When it comes to our specialty, Douglas Fir timbers, we won’t compromise on quality. And we’ll always give you the best price available when you place your order.   

Our commitment means no job too big, no job too small, for a quality order at a great price.

It means “Price, quality, speed, pick all three!”

Brazier Lumber Is Your Go-To Supplier For FOHC, Air-Dried Douglas Fir Timbers in The Northeast

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